About Us

         Success is certain to those who give importance to hard work, commitment and dedication. It does not come in a silver platter. Behind every company there exist a success story. Such is the story of Manly Plastics, Incorporated.

         A Filipino-Chinese family whose ancestral roots can be traced in mainland China, where their grandfather brought in trade to Manila in nineteen twenties. As an apprentice to his father's store of automotive parts, the young Co Bun Ting (Virgilio's father) displayed interest in mechanical works. Equipped only with a 2nd year high school education, he started his own small machine shop that makes molds. Then he started injecting plastic for shoe heels on Manly Shoes, situated in the busy street of Carriedo, Manila in the mid 60's. This started their small business that grew into six big companies. Manly Plastics, Inc. Royal; Manly Plastics, Inc. Judge Luna; Centennial Plastics Corp. Sucat; Centennial Plastics Corp. Bagbaguin; Sentinel Plastic Manufacturing Corp. Malabon; and Filpet, Inc. Malabon, and M-Plus, Laguna consigned in injection molding and injection-stretch blow molding of plastic, from consumer and industrial products to home furniture.

        Manly's dedication to quality has earned itself an ISO 9000 certification, limited only to the quality, fine workmanship, and technological capabilities. Having the latest injection machinery in the Philippines and the whole of the South East, the company has unfolded its wings to various producing companies like Matsushita Electronics, Sharp Phils., Philacor, Concepcion Industries, Mitsubishi Motors, Phils., Sanden Aircon Phils., Inc., Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Cola and other big companies. Its growing strength emanates from its corporate commitment; "To be globally competitive in the manufacturing and marketing of quality molded plastic products for the satisfaction of customers and end-users by continuously adding value through people's effectiveness in an environmentally capable operation".

        In the near future, the company is set to grow and expand together with its business partners, its volume requirements are increasing and they have to meet clients' demands. M-Plus the new factory has been in Laguna Techno Park to house the production of an even larger capacity and other product lines like extrusion sheets that maybe required. Large injection machinery has been installed to increase the production of major scale injection and still some are soon to arrive to aid the current setup.

        Keeping a clear view on the growing concern to the environment these days, the company is very much committed in recycling. Plastic being non-biodegradable, can be recycled and be used for other purposes like containers, hangers, pails, and other products that the company also produces for its customers. Surely a company dedicated to the country's goal for the year 2001.

       On what is the story behind the company's success, Mr. Virgilio Co in pride and treasure he said, "hard work and the people,...increasing employees knowledge in their job. Make them do things they thought they are not capable of."